The India Association Hong Kong ("Association") is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization with a commitment to preserve, promote and celebrate our heritage through cultural and social functions organized by the group on frequent basis. This ongoing commitment of the Association of the Indian culture is made evident by the organizing of the Diwali Ball each year. The Indian Independence Day has also been celebrated with great éclat annually.

In addition, the Association hosts a number of social functions in each calendar year for the purpose of bringing Indian singers, dancers and stage performers from India to Hongkong over the years. Observing traditional festivals is an important way of retaining one's cultural identity.

Through its sub-committees, the Association works amongst the broader Hong Kong community to enhance and promote the Indian identity. For example, the Association awards scholarships to local Hong Kong residents, gives recognition to public servants who have served the community selflessly, enhances the communal inter-community ties amongst the various Hong Kong ethnic groups, to name just a few different things the Association does.